Wes & Judy Pierce, Founders

Wes and Judy Pierce, originally from Illinois, were married in April of 1987. Their journey from child rearing to becoming proud grandparents, led them to Texas in 2001. After having five of their own sons serve in the military, Wes and Judy became increasingly aware of the unmet needs of our returning Veterans.  Through their own children’s difficulties with accessing and finding resources and a very special SSGT Clark, Heroes Night Out was born.

Though much different in the beginning stages, Wes and Judy’s initial efforts were geared toward providing appreciation wallets containing gift cards to wounded soldiers so they could spend a little quality with their families.

Today, this ideology has expanded into a full service resource center. Heroes Night Out Veterans Resource Center offers easy access to much needed services. Veterans can get assistance with their VA claims, access legal support when appropriate, access employers, and so much more, all while spending time in the company of their Peers.

Wes and Judy have created family friendly events, which are free to Veterans and their families. These no cost events are the heart of the organization. This is where Veterans may come for the first time to get a feel for the organization and begin connecting with other Heroes.

The connection is key. When Vietnam Veterans begin connecting with today’s soldiers who are encountering some of the exact same struggles they had when returning from war, it is an amazing thing to experience. We have all seen so much healing in this place.

Wes and Judy invite you to come and enjoy dinner, completely free, and get to know more about how we can help you and how you may be able to help others.


Carmen Valenzuela, Office Manager

Carmen is usually the first face you see when you walk into Heroes Night Out. Carmen is the Office Manager and is happy to guide you through all the services and events Heroes Night Out offers. Carmen’s great ability help with all the different operations of Heroes Night Out makes her such a great asset and valuable team member.

Brandon Crook, Operations Manager

Brandon is responsible for the daily operations at Heroes Night Out and loves every minute of it.

Board of Directors

Chad Williams, Chairman
Jeremy Munger, Member
Darryl Avery, Treasurer
James Bryant Boyd, Member
Dale Fisher, Member