A letter from Wes & Judy,

COVID-19’s impact on our community has reinforced, now more than ever, that the services provided by Heroes Night Out (HNO) are invaluable to active military, veteran, and first responders and their families. For nearly 13 years, we have humbly served our community through the HNO Resource Center. It has been an honor to give our lives to this service.  In 2019 alone, we served over 7,700 clients and their families. We continue to offer guidance, access, and resources to those in need. Providing these services not only helps their day to day lives, it helps us identify, prevent, and resolve crisis situations, promoting the ultimate goal of improving and saving lives!

We remain committed to these critical services. Even when faced with closure due to the local government deeming us non-essential, we found a way to power through. We do not want to live another day through the phone calls of loved ones telling us that someone took their life. Every person, business, and non-profit has faced challenges due to COVID-19 and the restrictions by government leadership placed on us to operate safely to prevent the spread. While we understand the need for these restrictions, they have unfortunately forced the cancellation of nearly all of the fundraisers that were planned for 2020.

We are an organization that survives off of the kindness and donations of others. The loss of our fundraisers has led to an $80,000 deficit in our operational budget. We have been surviving on our reserves, but at the current pace, they will run out on October 31st. In the past, as the founders of HNO, we have covered small deficits from our own personal savings, even forfeiting our own wedding rings to cover the expenses needed to continue operations. However, we don’t have the resources to cover the current deficit and, with only a staff of four, we are faced with a very difficult decision.

We do not want to join the list of businesses that have closed! However, if we are not able to raise the funds necessary for HNO to provide our critical services, we will be forced to close our doors on November 1st, 2020.

We have created a fundraising effort to support the operational budget of HNO. Battle Buddy 4-Life will help us continue to provide services and it reflects who we are and the value that we present to the community. We hope that you will join us in the Battle Buddy Pledge!

Yours in service,

Wes & Judy Pierce

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